Deviant Septet



Stefan Freund: The Soldier Dances with Tom Sawyer
Deviant brings out it’s rocking side in this mash-up of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” combined with Stravinsky’s “l’Histoire du Soldat”.
Timo Andres: Revisionist History
from Sleeping Giant Composer Collective’s “Histories”, a playful take on Stravinsky’s original.
Elliot Cooper Cole: Roman de la Rose
The versatility of Deviant Septet on full display. Vocals by Courtney Orlando with Deviant accompaniment.
Brad Lubman: For The Deviants
Lubman’s post-modernist take on Stockhausen’s “Pisces“ showcases the ensemble’s virtuosity.
Dave Nelson: Weirdness no. 1
Deviant’s trombonist/composer Dave Nelson gives his take on a funky hipster jangle.