What makes dynamic pr?



My goal for any artist, group or festival is to heighten awareness of the “client” through carefully designed press releases, with video and/or sound from previous engagements. 

With a database of more than 15,000 contacts world-wide, engaging notices containing video and music samples as well as social network links to the artist’s homepage, my website, and related social media links focused on the artist (s), including the most compelling reviews and videos, will be offered. The artist’s website, as well as my website will include promotional headers that will shift on a weekly basis with each weekly release. Past festival performances, either through Youtube and Soundlocud and Podcasts. 

PODCASTING:  Classical music does not take advantage of this wonderful tool. Utilizing podcast tools such as ANCHOR, is not difficult to create podcasts. Using good microphones and a mixing board, the artists can record highlights from concerts that have just happened. Once the audio is created, these podcasts can then be placed on podcast posting platforms such as Apple ( These can be placed on the artists website, and on my website and in regular releases. 

Here is a sample of a Podcast with Stefan Jackiw, the violinist.  He plays in a trio with the world’s most remarkable cellist, Jay Campbell, and a favorite pianist of mine, Conrad Tau.

Reaching out to media:  NPR and their affiliates in different parts of the country will be sought out with the hope that specific stations will bring us closer to the wide variety of activities taking place thorough out the festival. This might include phone interviews with the soloists to discuss what they are playing, as well as their relationship to the chosen work. This would include creating a schedule for conversations between Maestro Schwarz and the guest artist. A good camera with a good microphone is all you need. We would then upload these to YOUTUBE. A fully realized EMF YOUTUBE CHANNEL will be maintained. 


A constant report will be issued to the artist(s) to view who is opening emails, and if they have listened to chosen selections. 

Important additions are as follows: 

In working with other festivals, hiring folks to do live streaming of the concerts (or selected concerts) which can be shown on the festival’s Facebook Page or on Youtube really helps the world engage. Throughout the festival, I will do press releases highlighting these activities. It is paramount that the homepage for the festival remain active. “A static website generally disappoints viewers.” I will require passwords to the website’s back end to add changes, or direct communication with the festival webmaster to implement changes with just 24 hours’ notice. 

Extra costs, all of them crucial to meet current standards are as follows. 

Live Streaming drives ticket sales

Doubters may think that offering a livestream of every performance will erode ticket sales, but that hasn’t been the case for Coachella, the pioneer of livestreaming an entire music festival. In fact, the opposite is true: livestreams grow ticket sales.

67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event or a similar one. For annual events like music festivals, 30% who watch a livestream will attend that same event the following year.

I believe this to be a key element in broadening the festival’s reach on a national and international level. I will research the cost by going to a number live streaming companies, but the festival can do this themselves. The technology is called FACEBOOK LIVE. This where FACEBOOK finds new life. 1.8 Billion have been reached this way, and it is a dynamic way to bring people to your facebook page, this can be posted on your fan page, the advantage here is you can post ads, tickets sales, news etc. 

What this achieves.

1. Reaching out to the potential local audience and finding ways to engage concert attendees. One example is an audience prize, where the chosen artist is invited back for the following season—in other words giving the audience an opportunity to become part of the curating process. I have seen this happen at other festivals; it is quite effective and entertaining. 

2: Setting up an active Twitter campaign to spread the word on a national level. As I mentioned earlier, , the homepage should be active rather than static, this keeps followers engaged. The same thing stands for twitter posts. 

3: Focusing the spotlight on Maestro Schwarz, telling the story as to his inspiration for creating an environment for the cultivation of young talent. 

4. Again, creating “buzz” for the artists by highlighting educational activity such as masterclasses, including streaming masterclasses. 

5.  Generating interest for critics and local radio stations to create a week or month surrounding the artists. 

I do not think engaging in these activities is difficult, and an announcement of these different features helps generate noise. 

In short, I would handle the logistics all of these activities. I would of course be doing this in consultation with the artist(s).

Let us make great music and stand out amongst the many festivals going on during the summer. 

I have also included my resume so you can view my many activities of the last 20 years. 

Thank you for reading my proposal. 

Warmest, Peter Robles. 

Past activities include: Guest curator for The National Gallery of Art, The Newman Center in Denver, Peak Performances in Montclair New Jersey and Microfest in Pittsburgh.