Great Noise Ensemble Touring Programs

Great Noise Ensemble

Touring Programs

Los Caprichos/Goya’s Los Caprichos*

 *Goya’s Los Caprichos in collaboration with Arcturus Theater Company

Armando Bayolo, Los Caprichos (180’)

 Fl, cl, sax, e. guit., pno., vn, vc., visual projection

7 players, 6 actors (ad lib.), projection, 180 minutes of music

…not even the wind…

 New and recent works about our impending environmental disaster.

Alexandra Gardner, Vixen (6’)

    Fl, cl, asax, vib, pno, vn, vc

Jennifer Jolley, Blue Glacier Decoy (7’)

    Fl, cl, bcl, a sax, vib, pno, electronics

Armando Bayolo, Wide Open Spaces (8’)

    Fl, bcl, vib, pno, vn, vc

Nica C. Young, Rising Tide (8’)

    Fl, cl, perc, pno, vn, va, vc.

John Luther Adams, There is no one, not even the wind (25’)

   Fl, afl, 2 perc, pno, vn, va, vc, db

12 players, 50 minutes of music

How to Pray

 Works exploring mysticism and spirituality for a secular age. (Also part of The Four Freedoms Project.)

 Armando Bayolo, Hymnodies for the Contemplation of Terrifying Mysteries (45’)

 Fl, cl, sax, 2 perc., pno., vn, va, vc, db.

 Carlos Carrillo, De la brevedad de la vida (8’)

 Fl, cl, vn, vc, pno.

 David Lang, How to Pray (10’)

 Solo vc, pno, perc., e. guit, Db.

 Peri Mauer, Afterwords (3’)

 Cl, vc, pno.

11 players, 50 minutes of music.*

*Program is performed without pause and modeled on a sacred ritual. The Bayolo’s three movements are interspersed with the rest of the program to create a total immersive, meditative experience.

Guerrilla New Music

 An introduction to GNE with music from its first album.

 Robert Paterson, Looney Tunes (15’)

   Fl, sax, e. guit., pno, perc, vn, vc., edb.

 D.J. Sparr, Carnal Node (10’)

   Solo soprano ,Fl, cl, perc, pno, vn, va, vc.

 Marc Mellits, Five Machines (20’)

   B. cl, e. guit, pno, perc., vc, Db.

 Armando Bayolo, Chamber Symphony: Illusory Airs (20’)

   Fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, tba, perc., guit., pno, 2vn, va, vc, db.

18 Players, 75 minutes of music

…Taught the Band to Play: the Sgt. Pepper Project

 Thirteen new compositions reacting to The Beatles’ eponymous 1967 album.

 Music by Matt Marks, Joshua Bornfield, Daniel Felsenfeld, Mark Sylvester, Marc Mellits, Steven  

 Gorbos, Sean Doyle, Armando Bayolo, Jonathan Russell, Ryan Brown, Blair Goins, and Geoffrey 


Fl, ob, cl, sax, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, tba, 2 perc., e guit, pno, harp, 2 vn, va, vc, db. Live electronics (ad lib.)

19 players, 90’ of music

The Voice of GNE

 An evening of music featuring the human voice.

 Sean Doyle, Letters from Zelda (20’)

 Solo soprano, fl, s sax, cl, bsn, hn, tpt, tbn, tba, pno, banjo, 2 perc., harp, 2 vn, va, vc, db

 Tom Schnauber, The Walrus and the Carpenter (15’)

   Solo mezzo-soprano, fl, cl, perc., 2 vn, va, vc, db.

 Armando Bayolo, Sacred Cows (30’)

   Solo soprano, solo baritone, 3 backup singers (SSA), fl, 2 a sax, t sax, b sax, hn, 2 tpt, 2 tbn, 

 perc, pno, e guit, 2 vn, va, vc, db.  

28-29 players, 65’ of music

Travelogues: Real and Imagined

 An evening of music about and from real and imaginary places and nations.

 Alexandra Gardner, Vixen (6’)

   Fl, cl, sax, pno, vn, vc

 Marcos Balter, Codex Seraphinianus (15’)

   Fl, s.  Sax, bn, va, 

 Armando Bayolo, The Books of Bokonon (30’)

 Cl, bsn, tpt, tbn, perc., vn, db.

 12 players, 50’ of music

Special Projects:


 Four programs based around FDR’s four freedoms: freedom of expression, freedom of workship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. These four programs could be part of a season-long residency at a venue.

I.  Freedom of Expression (70’ of music, 2 soloists, 17 players)

Joshua Armenta, Sonetos del amor oscuro (40’)

 Solo tenor, fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, guit, synth, perc., 2 vn, va, vc, db

Frederic Rzweski (arr. Bayolo), Coming Together/Attica (30’)

 Narrator, fl, ob, cl, bn (or sax), hn, tpt, tbn, tba, 2 perc, pno, e guit, 2 vn, va, 

 vc, db.

II.  Freedom of Worship (50’, 10 players)

Armando Bayolo, Hymnodies for the Contemplation of Terrifying Mysteries (45’)

   Fl, cl, sax, 2 perc., pno., vn, va, vc, db.

Carlos Carrillo, De la brevedad de la vida (8’)

 Fl, cl, vn, vc, pno.

David Lang, How to Pray (10’)

    Solo vc, pno, perc., e. guit, Db.

Peri Mauer, Afterwords (3’)

   Cl, vc, pno.

III.  Freedom from Want (65’, Chorus, solo mezzo, 10 players)

Martin Bresnick, The Bucket Rider

Michael Lanci, Songs for Joe Hill

Louis Andriessen, Workers Union

Caroline Shaw: To the Hands*

 *requires chorus, which can be local and not necessarily professional

IV.  Freedom from Fear (73’, solo mezzo, solo baritone, 11 players)

Martin Bresnick, Be Just!

Alex Temple, Switch

Dana Kaufman, Preaporotus (Concussion)

Nebal Maysaud, Electronic Battleship

Armando Bayolo, Last Breaths (Chamber version)

Julius Eastman, Stay On It

JLA Trilogy

 John Luther Adams

 In the White Silence 

 Clouds of Forgetting, Clouds of Unknowing

 For Lou Harrison

*I realize that ICE famously did this program at Miller a couple of years ago, but Clouds has been a staple of GNE’s repertoire for some time—before JLA blew up in the early teens, in fact!—and John and I had discussed this programming before ICE took it on.


The collaboration that blew up GNE, as it were. These would be very ambitious programs, perhaps done in collaboration with other groups:

 Louis Andriessen, De Materie

   Louis Andriessen, La Comedia

Pine Eyes

 An evening-length program of Martin Bresnick’s classic take on Carlo Co;;odi’s Pinocchio.

 Martin Bresnick, Pine Eyes (90’)

   Narrator, cl, 2 perc., pno.

  • 4 Players (but large percussion backline), 90-120’ of musicRunning a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

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